We serve international clients and their families that all have one desire in common: to build a successful multi-generational family while keeping their family together. They range from entrepreneurial families, individuals and families with substantial wealth, members of younger generations, and successful businesswomen. We help them to find answers to their questions:


  • What is the purpose of our family wealth?
  • When can we start talking about money with our children?
  • How should we train our children for finances and investments?
  • How do we efficiently transfer the wealth and business to the next generation?
  • How can we build a successful family business without creating family conflicts? 


  • Familieswith Substantial Wealth

    Families with substantial wealth who wish to transfer their fortune to next generations plan the inheritance process well in advance for their entire family and the members of the next generation specifically. Estate planning, wealth governance and the appropriate training for mindful inheritors shape the focus of the family strategic planning.

  • Familieswith a Family Business

    Business families who make it their priority to pass on their family enterprise to the younger generations start early to prepare the transition process of the leadership and the ownership. This thoughtful preparation will protect the accumulated knowledge, experience, and skills from previous generations along with the business as well.

  • NextGeneration

    Family members of the next generation are the unique life insurance of every family if their human and intellectual capital was sufficiently developed and nurtured. Investing time, energy and resources in their younger generations, wise business families can achieve the protection of both the business and the family.

  • BusinessWomen

    Behind every successful woman is herself. Successful business women appreciate a female tailored-made approach to advising as they go through the various stages of their lives and respond to unexpected events as divorce, death, or a serious illness of a family member that can bring about challenges that must be dealt with correctly.